Dream Theme Blog Hop: Wedding


Welcome to our Dream Theme Blog Hop! This month’s theme is “Wedding” !

If you’re coming from my beloved friend Tracy May, you’re already hopping, otherwise, please click on the blog list to start.

Here is the very simple (but I like it a lot) card I created :

I was inspired by the Chinese New Year. Did you know that red is the colour for traditional weddings in China?

Hope you like it!

Thank you for visiting! you can now hop to the lovely Amy Koenders !

In case you want to visit one of the blogs in particular, here is the list:

Patrice Halliday-Larsen (New Zealand)
Tracy May (UK)
Delphine Lorelli (France) (that’s me !)
Amy Koenders (USA)
Renate Ecklmayr (Austria)
Sabrina Radeck (Canada)
Krista Driessen (Netherlands)

Jennifer Pauli (Germany)


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