Dream Theme Blog Hop #2 : Petits cadeaux



Welcome to our new Dream Theme Blog Hop! This month’s theme is particularly fitting for me. As a matter of fact, I’m leaving my job as a Social Worker at a teen shelter in a week, and I wanted to create something to express how much I enjoyed  working with my colleagues, and meeting so many lovely teens. My job is quite hard, but so rewarding and I’ll miss them A LOT. I wanted to make something special for everyone, which would offer me the opportunity to hide a personnal message as well as a little treat. So… small gifts it is 🙂

If you’re coming from my beloved friend Tracy May, you’re already hopping, otherwise, please click on the blog list to start.

Well I’m feeling a bit emotional here, but I thought the little houses from the Home Sweet Home boxes were perfect to remind how much our shelter could feel like home when life happened to be hard for the teens. We had lots of fun together, laughter, cooking, and I know I will deeply miss them.

Here is what I created for each teen of my group (10) :


that’s a whole neighbourhood lol 😉


(sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I had to take photos with my phone… I’ take more later, I’ve kept one little house for myself as a model !)

I’m making some for my colleagues too…

I used the “Home sweet home” bundle, and the heart embossing folder for the roof.

Thank you for visiting! you can now hop to the lovely Amy Koenders ! Show her some love !
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3. Tracy May (UK)
4. Delphine Lorelli (France)
5. Amy Koenders (USA)
6. Renate Ecklmayr (Austria)
7. Sabrina Radeck (Canada)
8. Jennifer Pauli (Germany)


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